Mokkō​ is an Amsterdam based interior design studio founded by Aad Bos. For businesses and private clients we design and create complete interiors as well as single interior products, including acoustic art panels and furniture. 
While we don't have a single fixed style, we do have a strong interest in Japanese aesthetics and love taking a contemporary approach to traditional Japanese design.

We like combining big, bold statements with minimalist, clean lines and where appropriate, match contemporary art and design with rare vintage finds. We believe a great interior leaves room for the mind to be involved and question things.

It should strike the right balance between materials and in composition of objects. A space should inspire rather than impress.
Below you see two of our recent projects - an Amsterdam canal home interior and a flagship retail store on Bali, Indonesia. We are currently working on another private residence in Amsterdam and will share photos soon. 
Canal House, Herengracht, Amsterdam

Wildthings - Flagship retail store, Bali, Indonesia (2019)