ACOUSTIC artpanels
Acoustic panel. Acoustic art panel
ACOUSTIC artpanels
ACOUSTIC artpanels
ACOUSTIC artpanels
ACOUSTIC artpanels
ACOUSTIC artpanels
ACOUSTIC artpanels
ACOUSTIC artpanels

ACOUSTIC artpanels

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Fascinated by the effects of sound, shape, color and texture on the human brain, we have created aesthetic sound absorbing wall panels that aim to impact both the acoustics and the mood and wellbeing in a space. 

For that purpose, we have combined top quality sound absorbing materials (Aw 0,95) with artful aesthetics, colors and a soft touch. Our graphic designs are abstractions of stepping stones of the serene Japanese gardens.

We are intrigued by the fact that colors and shapes have a strong subconscious effect on our brain. We use soft toned colors and calm shapes in order to create a calm atmosphere in the interior, while deeper colors combined with diagonal shapes can be used to activate. Curved lines suggest movement and can bring an association with pleasure, while diagonal forms lead the eye through a space and suggest action. 

In order to be uncompromising on sound absorbing qualities, we use top quality acoustic material with an absorption coefficient of 0,95 (95%). 100% is comparable with an open window where all sound waves can escape and hence cannot cause an echo effect. The panels are covered with pure wool for optimal functionality and aesthetics. Details can be found below.

Each panel is fully customized to the wishes of the client or interior designer and is hand made to fit the interior both functionally and aesthetically. Besides the colors shown on the photos below, we offer custom colors and materials. At request we can send color and material samples. 

For more photos of our acoustic art panels, please e-mail or visit our Instagram page Mokkoamsterdam and have a look at our 'stories'. 

Specifications acoustic material
- sound absorption: Alpha W (Aw) = 0,95
- measured according to NEN-EN-ISO 354:2003
- made of recycled textile (circular)
- fire classification B

Specifications wool top layer
- recyclable, 100% wool in layers of 1 up to 4mm thick in total
- compliant with UNE-EN 71-2 standard (flame retardant)
- treated against moths
- dirt repelling

Specifications - other
- humidity and heat regulating
- panel width: 60mm

Indicative retail price: €750,- per square meter.
Trade price at request.

Estimated time of delivery
Depending on request. Indication: 2 - 8 weeks.

Delivery / shipping / installation
At request. International shipping possible.

1 year on the structural integrity.

General terms and conditions apply

Photo credits: 
- Home interior photo by Sjoerd Eickmans (April and May) for Scandinavian Living No. 5 2019
- Other photos by Mokkō