HANA vase
HANA vase
HANA vase
HANA vase
HANA vase
HANA vase
HANA vase

HANA vase

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We do not like to waste any of the beautiful materials we use for our furniture. From the waste wood of our Initial-A Chair we have therefore crafted these beautiful wooden vases. 

Hana means blossom in Japanese. Its clean and soft geometric shapes and rich wood texture nicely complement a flower or branch and offer a stylish and surprising touch to the interior. Mix and match the shapes, sizes and colors for a dynamic interplay of shapes and flowers.

The high quality wood is composed of several layers of Birch wood with a top layer of either walnut (dark brown) or classic oak (light brown). The wood is FSC and PEFC certified, meaning it is sourced from responsibly managed forests. 

The vases are meticulously milled in the Netherlands and hand finished in Amsterdam. The vases have been finished with several layers of transparent matt lacquer for optimal protection and to maintain the original colors of the walnut and oak wood.

Dimensions in cm
Small - 5 angular (horizontal orientation): H15.7 - W13.5 - D3.1
Medium - 5 angular (horizontal orientation): H18.5 - W16 - D3.1
Small - 6 angular (vertical orientation): H12.6 - W16.3 - D3.1
Medium - 6 angular (vertical orientation): H14.4 - W18.6 - D3.1

Color options
Walnut (dark brown) or classic oak (light brown).

Estimated time of delivery
1 - 3 working days.

Delivery / shipping
Delivery to an address in the Netherlands is our complementary service and free of charge.

1 year on the structural integrity.

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