INITIAL - A chair
INITIAL - A chair
INITIAL - A chair
INITIAL - A chair
INITIAL - A chair
INITIAL - A chair
INITIAL - A chair

INITIAL - A chair

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The Initial A Chair marks the beginning of the studio's first collection. This minimalist and sturdy structure can serve as a stylish dining table chair or an eye catching stand-alone piece in the living room or office space.

The sides of the chair combine the legs, arms, back and seat rest into a single piece for optimal sturdiness and a minimalist aesthetic.

The high quality wood is composed of several layers of Birch wood with a top layer of either walnut (dark brown) or classic oak (light brown). The wood is FSC and PEFC certified, meaning it is sourced from responsibly managed forests.

The Initial A Chair is meticulously milled in the Netherlands and hand finished in Amsterdam. The chairs have been finished with several layers of transparent matte lacquer for optimal protection and to maintain the original colors and texture of the wood.

The seat is complemented with an embedded seat cover made of 100% pure virgin wool, which is a fully recyclable material. The seat is neatly carved out to fit in the 5mm thick woolen seat cover for optimal durability and clean aesthetics.

Seat height: 44-46 cm (standard height)
Total height: 77 cm
Seat width: 48.5 cm
Total width: 55 cm
Total length: 59 cm

Standard color options
Walnut (dark brown) or classic oak (light brown).

For customization requests, please contact

Estimated time of delivery
1 - 8 weeks, depending on stock levels. For exact delivery times, please contact

Delivery / shipping
Delivery to an address in the Netherlands is our complementary service and free of charge. For additional costs of international shipping, please contact

1 year on the structural integrity.

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